UEA Student Investment Fund

Creating Financial Returns For Good

ESG Fund

We aim to invest in companies that satisfy our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. We seek to manage risk from an ESG perspective and invest in sustainable business, at an attractive valuation with the goal of generating returns.


Our team builds the portfolio one company at a time by looking for stocks that are trading at a discount, but have the potential to generate strong returns. Our portfolio aims to generate alpha against the FTSE4Good Index.


The team consists of students at mixed levels of investment experience. Stock pitches and peer support will give our fund members the opportunity to learn and gain the skills that are necessary for future employability.

EAC Global Equity ESG Fund

Members of East Anglia Capital can access the overall portfolio performance, as well as team performance and individual performance throughout the year. 

The spreadsheet is currently being built so please come back soon and we will post the statistics so that you can view this.

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Our Team

Here is East Anglia Capital’s team of Students who organise and run the Investment Fund. 

Joe Pereira

Managing Director at East Anglia Capital

Dan Cuzneac

Director at East Anglia Capital

Ben Barrett

Portfolio Manager – Technology

Marcus Pattenden

Portfolio Manager – Energy

Istihan Bakht

Portfolio Manager – Financials

Zac Myers

Portfolio Manager – Consumer Goods

Sustainable Development Goals

Our fund aims to promote all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, but has a primary focus on:

Portfolio Numbers

Assets Under Management

As we are in the process of launching East Anglia Capital’s real capital fund, AUM will remain ‘NaN’ until the fundraising stage.

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