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RBS and NatWest Panel Discussion

On Wednesday 4th March we will be hosting a panel discussion with 5 guest speakers from RBS and NatWest covering all corners of banking. The speakers include Nichola Brown (Centre Manager) and Louise James (Assistant Relationship Manager) from NatWest and Suzanne Hayter (Recruitment Pipeline Manager) and Lauren Fuller (Customer Journey Developer) at RBS.

Each speaker will introduce themselves and their current role and career path. This will be followed by a panel discussion which will cover topics such as:

– Career paths and decisions
– Valuable soft skills
– The application process
– Industry changes
– How to improve your opportunities

After this discussion, you will have the opportunity to put forward any questions to the panel. To conclude, we will be having a networking session with refreshments so you can ask more personal/specific questions.

Asset Management With Darren Pilbeam

On Thursday 13th February (3pm in JSC 1.03), Darren Pilbeam from Natixis will be joining us to give a talk on asset and wealth management and hedge funds. Specifically, Darren will be focusing on buy side organisation and will discuss the differences between Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Pension Funds and Wealth Managers.

Darren will also talk about his career path and current role as well as providing advice on what a student candidate can do to stand out from the crowd in this field.

Hope to see you all there!


Career Management and Making a Difference with Terri

On the 6th February Terri will be returning to UEA! This year Terri will be giving a talk about how to make big career decisions, advice for non-traditional careers and how we can make a difference. Terri will also discuss the tackling of unconscious bias in the workplace.

Terri is the Chair of the Board of Morgan Stanley Investment Management for the EMEA business, on the board of Morgan Stanley International and Rathbone Brothers and is a FTSE250 UK Wealth Manager. She is a Keynote Speaker on topics such as risk, culture, non-linear careers, non-traditional life paths and corporate social responsibility. She started her career at JP Morgan where she spent 10 years working as a derivative trader. Terri also has experience as an entrepreneur and started a consulting business where she lead expert witness teams in unwinding some of the more complex products from the credit crisis. In addition to this she was a founding member of the Women’s Leadership Group for the Princess Trust.

When we graduate from university we will know how to be excellent students, but we have to learn how to work in an environment that is so different from academia. Learning from others experience of corporate behaviour and finding out how to make effective decisions can help to prepare us for our careers. Terri will also speak about how to tackle unconscious bias in the workplace, in particular by looking at women and minorities.

Guest Speaker: Fraser from Goldman Sachs

On Friday 31st January Fraser Holmes-Mackay, a UEA alumni, will be joining us to give a talk about his experience applying for and working as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Fraser left UEA as a Master of Mathematics graduate in 2018 after studying a year abroad at Berkeley, and has since become an analyst at Goldman Sachs. As a Mathematics student, he had to compete against 1000’s of other graduate applicants whose degrees would typically be considered more focused for the analyst role. He is currently working to promote Goldman Sachs’ $500 million investment strategy to increase access to capital for women, Black, Latinx and other diverse entrepreneurs and investors, through “Launch with GS”.

This talk will provide an insight into what it is like to work for a leading global investment bank and will offer valuable application and career advice.

Fraser was involved in the Investment Society at UEA during his time at University, and we are excited to have him back again.

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